Relationships & Blocks


No matter how independent you might be, love and relationships are essential to lead a happy life. The alternative would be a sense of loneliness, emptiness, and isolation.

If you haven’t had much experience of them but wish you had then that’s absolutely fine, as it is when people lose interest in having them that this becomes a concern or ‘symptom’… People with mental health issues, particularly those with depression, may isolate themselves away from finding love or away from their existing relationships.


Untreated mental disorders such as anxiety and depression act as blockers to one enjoying a healthy relationship. For example, someone suffering from depression can experience a loss of interest in sex and not wanting to spend quality time with their loved one. Intimacy and communication are two keys factors of a healthy relationship that are likely to be fragile once they are blocked.

Although people may use their relationship to their advantage in times of mental health issues, who may refer to their partner as their “rock” — over-relying on their partner can sometimes be detrimental and a sense of equality is lost.

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