Carl Jung, my favourite of the old psychologist was a great expert and founder of many theories about personality and identity, many of which are used all over the world today. Here is a brief ‘layman termed’ low down on just 5 factors he felt were;


1. Look after your physical and mental health. It should not come as a surprise to anyone that taking care of your body, exercising, eating right, getting the sleep your body needs, and tending to the needs of your mental health can help to make you a happier person overall. The physical benefits of exercise alone is enough to make someone happier. Our bodies release endorphins which when we exercise can provide us with the same level of satisfaction that chocolate can. So rather than fill up on chocolate that could make you feel bloated and full of guilt, spend time outdoors walking. Your body and brain will thank you.

2. Work to improve your relationships. Humans crave love and attention and we are able to satisfy those cravings with our relationships: friends, family, marriages, colleagues and neighbours. Everyone in our lives has the ability to make us feel happy. Of course, we can’t like everyone all the time, and we don’t always get along with everyone all the time, but the general consensus is that someone who is loved and who works to put their relationships first, experiences more happiness overall than people who don’t. Which makes sense if you think about it, people who spend their lives alone don’t tend to be very happy. Sharing your life with people can make you happier. What’s more, spending your life in service of others: your wife, children, friends, extended family, can make you feel happier as well. When we remove our needs from the equation and work to make others happy, we experience a great deal of happiness as a byproduct of those actions.

3. Notice the beauty around you. Yesterday I left my bag, I carry two, on the tube, not noticing I’d left it until a lovely woman ran up to me and gave me it. Totally lost in my thoughts and not of what’s around me. If we want to be happier, we need to slow down and take in the scenery around us. Stop and eat lunch, smell those roses, nap on the sofa, picnic under a tree, give some change to the man on the street, visit a friend, appreciate the beauty that is everywhere. We don’t do this enough as humans. There is always money to make and places to go and projects to deliver. Taking the time to soak up the world around us can help improve our happiness and reduce our stress levels as well. Not to mention not losing things!

4. Enjoy your life, you only live this one once. Everyone’s interest in work varies depending on who you are talking to. There is a great divide between people who live to work and those who work to live. The happiness of employees seems to go up when they enjoy their work and don’t feel like they need to separate their personal from their professional lives. When we feel needed and productive, our levels of happiness go up. While many people don’t put any stock in their jobs at all, those that do experience more satisfaction and better standards of living overall because they take pride in their work and products. 5. Believe in something While formal religion is not necessary to lead a long and happy life, many people, including Jung, believed that having something bigger than yourself to believe in could lead you down a path of happiness. The idea that life doesn’t end when we leave this world is of great comfort to millions of people and it can bring solace and acceptance during particularly difficult times in our lives. If you find yourself struggling to grab hold of happiness, try focusing on one aspect of your life that you can improve upon. Sometimes, the simple of act trying to improve yourself or one’s situation can bring about a great deal of satisfaction and happiness as well. Happy Sunday

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